AI-powered health assistant.

Health Assistant

Talk to millions of members. Anytime, anywhere.


Just your normal,
friendly, everyday AI Health Assistant.

Combine the wisdom and compassion of humans with the elegance, scale and speed of machine learning to deliver an exceptional health experience. Our intelligent Health Assistant combines a range of machine learning and conversational capabilities to deliver a human like coaching experience, anytime, anywhere. 



Data Driven Push Messages
Our intelligent Health Assistant regularly reaches out to users with data driven push messages, prompted by the users actual behaviour and preferences.

Structured Conversations
Our platform includes an extensive range of structured health and wellness conversations. Users can have simple or complex conversations over short or long periods of time.

Natural Language Processing
Our platform uses natural language processing to continuously recognise, learn and respond to messages from users in natural human language. 

AI-Assisted Human Responses
If our AI engine can't respond to a users request our robots send suggested responses to the human support team based on the questions people ask.

Human Generated Responses
If the responses suggested by our AI aren’t appropriate our human support team responds in under 1 minute with a perfectly tailored response. 

Our health assistant can currently speak in two languages, Cantonese and English, and is always open to learning new languages.  



Ask Anything.

You can ask our health assistant any health and wellness related question at any time of day. Whether it be a smoothie recipe, an exercise recommendation or the calories in a steak.



Backed by Brilliant Humans.
While we think robots are cool,
humans are cooler.

With a seamless blend of artificial and human intelligence our Health Assistant delivers a friendly, helpful human-like coaching experience to millions of members at a fraction of the cost of traditional health programs.



Team of Health Professionals  
Our team of fitness coaches, nutritionists and psychologists provide knowledge and support hand in hand with an advanced machine learning platform.

Bring Your Own Health Experts
Already have your own coaches, nutritionists and health experts. Our AI-assisted platform will help your team provide health and wellness support at scale. 

Single Trusted Expert
While supported by a large team of expert humans, our health assistant appears as a single trusted expert, coach and friend that's always available.

Design Your Own Persona
Work with our bot and conversation design team to create a name, look, persona and conversational tone that suits your brand and the target audience.


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Experienced human health support team of nutritionists, personal trainers and physiologists. 

Health Assistant - SFSS3.jpg

Helpful, human-like hybrid AI-Human coaching, delivered at the right time and place.

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Platform supports multiple languages. Currently supports Cantonese and English.

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Near instant response times for bot and under 1 minute response times 24/7 for human responses.

Health Assistant - SFSS5.jpg

Connects with over 250 wearables, smart watches, health apps and biosensors.

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Get recipes, nutritional advice, product recommendations and exercise & health tips.



Data-Driven Advice.

We use real-time data from smartphones & wearables, human intelligence and an advanced machine learning platform that adapts to each individual users physical and psychological needs to provide highly personalised health advice at the right time and place. 



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