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Hiring: Digital Health Programme Manager

We're looking for an experienced and user focused person to join us as our Digital Health Program Manager. You will be responsible for designing and managing health & fitness program, content, coaching processes and product features to improve the health of our users.

We're an early stage digital health company based in Perth with a team across Australia, China and Hong Kong. Our aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of millions of people in partnership with some of the world's biggest insurers and re-insurers. We provide digital health programs and AI-assisted health coaching to encourage sustainable lifestyle change.

The Program Manager will collaborate with our engineers, data analyst, designers, coaching team and clients through the complete product development cycle, from concept, design and prototype to testing, content creation and production. You should have a proven knowledge of preventive healthcare methodologies and be able to apply it in the prevention or reduction of risk of disease, injury, disability, or death within a digital context.

Job tasks and responsibilities

  • Design, develop and manage all our digital health & wellness programs to address behavioral causes of disease; including general fitness & wellness programs (e.g. weight loss, muscle strengthening, meditation and yoga) and specific preventative health programs (e.g. pre-diabetes and dementia).
  • Lead full life-cycle of program management; from requirements gathering, through strategy/concept development, deployment, testing and ROI analysis. ·       Identify individual users and groups at risk of specific preventable diseases or injuries.
  • Manage and improve the quality of our human coaching team, designing structured processes and answers, in-collaboration with our coaching manager and coaching team.
  • Create, manage and improve program content; including articles for our digital health & wellness programs and conversation scripts for both the bot and human coaches.
  • Train coaching manager/s and coaching team on preventative health issues and best practice.
  • Work directly with product manager, engineers, data analyst, and designers to design new features.
  • Work directly with product manager, engineers, data analyst to design & evaluate digital health assessment methodologies/functionality to identify and monitor health risks.
  • Generate hypotheses, write user stories, run experiments and analyze data in order to drive product decisions that improve user health outcomes.
  • Draft journey maps, user flows, and system diagrams to think and communicate ideas that impact the end-to-end participant experience.
  • Analyse & evaluate user health and interaction data to determine the effectiveness of product experiments, risk reduction measures, interventions and digital therapies.
  • Work with senior leadership to help define product vision and strategy.
  • Manage and execute (in collaboration with our office manager) team health & wellness activities.
  • Assist with the development of health related content for our website.
  • Produce reports and occasional white papers on the effectiveness and outcomes of our health programs.
  • Work directly with our clients to understand their specific health program requirements and incorporate their needs as appropriate into our health programs.
  • Deliver presentations to lay or professional audiences on our digital health programs.
  • Manage future hires in the health & wellness and coaching teams.

Skills and experience

  • Experience in developing & managing health & wellness programs and/or mobile products.
  • Experience in writing health content (blogs/articles)
  • Experience in health/fitness coaching
  • Expertise using qualitative and quantitative data to inform the development process.
  • Expertise using user data to generate hypotheses, run experiments and drive product decisions.
  • Expertise using health data to determine the effectiveness of interventions or digital therapies.
  • Expertise designing public or employee health & wellness programs.
  • Excellent written, presentation and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent organizational and analytical skills.
  • Passion for creating an exceptional user experience.
  • Passion for improving people's health and wellbeing.
  • Bachelors degree in Health or a related technical field or equivalent practical experience.

Job benefits and perks

  • The joy of building an early stage tech company with creative, like-minded and passionate peers.
  • Salary $60,000 - $80,000 AUD, plus superannuation.
  • Performance bonus (based on user health outcomes).
  • Flexible vacation and work hours.
  • Health & wellness activities.
  • Relaxed work environment.
  • Equity opportunities.

If you are passionate about health, technology and you think you might be the right person for this role, send us an e-mail, with a cover letter and your CV attached.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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