AI-powered health assistant.
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Rewards Management system

Reward healthy

Attract and engage members with challenges and rewards

Track progress and reward healthy behaviour among your entire member population with challenges, points and rewards. Whether your members are fitness buffs, regular runners, serious swimmers, gym junkies or walk to work each day, track and reward even the simplest healthy activities so that none of your members are left out – whatever they do, whenever they do it. 

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Challenging Challenges.

 Our rewards management system allows you to publish customised daily, weekly and monthly health and fitness challenges to promote regular engagement and improve retention. To earn points members can complete step challenges, share data, read articles or chat with the coach.



Reward Partners

Whether you’ve got your own reward partners that you want to add to the reward marketplace or you need us to help secure a range of partners, we’ll help you create an attractive suite of rewards for your members. We’ll help you source reward partners that provide great discounts on the products and services your members love without having to spend an arm and a leg.




Improve member retention with engaging challenges and rewards.