AI-powered health assistant.


Our Programs

We provide a range of programs that help members flourish and live a healthier life. Our programs are grounded in health science and behavioural psychology, and we continually work to achieve better health outcomes.


Core Health & Wellbeing Programs

The over-arching streams in the core-program are physical health and fitness, nutrition, sleep as well as resilience and positive psychology. The combination of these areas supports users to build healthier behaviours into their lives and encourages them to flourish. 


Chronic disease prevention programs

Our Health & Wellbeing team are developing specific preventative programs that can identify members at risk of conditions that critically affect quality of life and mortality, such as pre-diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and mental health difficulties like depression, anxiety and stress. 


Future Programs

We’re working on a range of other health and well-being programs including mediation, sleep and specific exercise programs.


Build healthier members and reduce your claims.