Actionable Insights

Engage & Connect with Your Clients to Provide Better Outcomes

Leverage comprehensive wearable and productivity data to drive engagement and deliver robust, scalable wellness and productivity improvement programs. Our partner program is designed for management consultants, wellness providers, and business or fitness coaches. From individual coaches and small boutiques, through to global consulting firms - our platform helps you deliver innovative personalised programs to anyone with an internet connection.  

Personalised Programs for Your Population

Deliver Personalised Recommendations in Real Time

Boundlss provides computer- and human-generated behaviour change recommendations and messages to your individual clients at the right time and place to help them sustainably improve their productivity and wellbeing. Our simple web platform enables you to implement real-time productivity and wellbeing programs across your entire member population without requiring specialised technical resources. Additionally, our recommendation engine automatically optimises delivery, timing, frequency and content based on individual preferences - enabling you to deliver high-touch, personalised interactions at scale.

Human Generated Recommendations
Our behaviour change platform allows coaches, consultants, analysts and wellbeing providers to design personalised notifications and behaviour change recommendations, and then push them out to selected users based on contextual triggers.

Automated Recommendation Engine
Our intelligent recommendation engine provides simple, automated, personalised, context-specific recommendations to individuals at the right time and place, through their mobile or wearable device based on the guidelines you specify.

Through Mobiles, Email & Wearables
Rather than getting your clients to download yet another mobile app, Boundlss works with what they already have. Recommendations, reminders and rewards are sent to individual clients through their channel of choice - wearable, email, sms, in-app notification or smartwatch. Or, if you already have your own mobile app, we can work with your developers to push messages directly into your app.

Analysis & Insight

Gain a Better Understanding

We focus on tracking and analysing several core behaviours: relationship & communication flows, location & movement and physical activity. Boundlss’ web platform provides clear data visualisation so you can easily understand and identify opportunities to improve. 

Continuous Insight
Track your client population continuously rather than only at reviews, coaching sessions or one off engagements. Boundlss gives you a continuous insight into your client and allows you to set alerts for specific activities that need your attention. 

Predict Performance
Our machine learning allows you to easily predict performance outcomes, whether that be future health or future profits. Using data from a wide variety of sources including email metadata, communication patterns and physical activity we identify critical factors and predict future performance.   

Communication Analysis

Sense, Track and Analyse Communication

Analyse and understand communication patterns using email, mobile, social or wearables. Our platform helps you understand how knowledge flows through an organisation; identify key people; spot collaboration hubs, and any communication gaps that are crucial to the growth of your client.
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Wellness Providers

Understand & Improve Your Client's Wellbeing

Healthy people are more productive, innovative and engaged. Boundlss helps you understand and improve the health of your client population using the latest wearable and digital health technology. Whether your clients bring their own smartwatch, wearable or fitness app, Boundlss connects you to the entire ecosystem of health & fitness apps and wearables, so you can easily reward and encourage your clients for achieving individual and group health goals.

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Business Integrations

Connect & Understand Your Client Better

What ever wearables, communication applications, productivity tools, cloud platforms or custom data sources your clients use, Boundlss helps you track and analyse client fitness, communication and productivity data. Our analytics platform provides secure continuous data integration with your clients existing sources, and can be setup in minutes, so you can focus improving the things that matter.  

Wearable, Sensor & App Integrations

Connect with the Wearable Health Ecosystem

The digital health ecosystem is continuously expanding with new apps, devices and wearables.  Boundlss connects you and your clients to all the best digital health products, from popular fitness wearables, smart watches and apps to the most innovative clinical devices and healthcare applications. Our platform boasts one of the most extensive and diverse marketplaces for digital health technologies. So your clients are free to choose what works best for them.

Privacy & Security

Safety & Security is Paramount

We know privacy and security are critical to you and your clients.
Boundlss takes every precaution to make sure sensitive information stays that way. Our platform uses robust security and encryption measures, along with comprehensive privacy permissions. 


Comprehensive Privacy
Boundlss is designed to put privacy first. You and your clients have complete control of what data Boundlss tracks and how and with who data is shared. Depending on an organisations need they may or may not wish to share financial, communication or performance data. Individuals also have different levels of comfort sharing data - some may be comfortable sharing weight but others not, some steps, others not. Our privacy settings allow you and your clients to decide exactly what they share and when. 


Encryption & Best Practice Security
Data security is essential. Boundlss uses robust security and data encryption technology, so you and your clients are always safe. Our permission levels provide fine-grained control over who and how information is accessed. We also use best practice for data transfer and storage including server-side encryption, data separation, and disconnection to ensure sensitive servers aren’t open to the internet.

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Triggers, Recommendations & Notifications

Create Data Driven Recommendations

Use 'if this then that' statements to create recommendations, alerts and notifications triggered by client events. For example a recommendation to your client could be "If [client A's] total # steps taken today is below 5000. Then recommend that [client A] have a walking meeting tomorrow to reach their step goal and improve productivity. And send this message to them at the end of the day." The first part (a metric above, below or equal to a specific number) is the trigger. The second part (having walking meetings) is the recommendation. The third part (to hit your goal and improve productivity) is the why. And the fourth is the schedule. You can easily create automated messages and alerts to your clients and yourself without the need for technical assistance. 

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Launch a New Revenue Stream

Our partner program provides you with the ability to generate revenue from your knowledge and expertise to anybody around the world with an internet connection. Design, manage and distribute productivity or wellness programs for your client population, or publish premium programs to our entire community.


Publish Premium Programs
Design and publish premium programs to our entire community through our Recommendation MarketplaceSet your own price and earn 70% of sales revenue for every premium program sold.

Resell & Manage Client Subscriptions
Sign your client up to Boundlss and earn a profit for every person that subscribes through you. You get an instant 10% discount on our subscription price, and can set your own prices for managed subscriptions above our base rate.  

Automated client billing
We automatically handle all client billing, invoicing and credit card processing, and you receive payments each month.

Become a Partner

Enrol as a partner and start using Boundlss with your clients.