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Deeply rooted in science

We focus on measures that are important to businesses and insurers. Our first step is to attract and retain as many people as possible to our platform, we measure this in our engagement scores. The second step is to achieve behavioral change such as increased physical activity, better food intake, longer sleep or more health classes attended. The behavior change results in real member health outcomes, such as weight loss or lower markers for diabetes. Lastly, we want to know if this affects the bottom line of the organisations we work with, do healthier members and employees result in less sick days, injuries, claims and more productivity and happiness? We see they do.  

We invite you to read more of the research behind Boundlss and similar programs. Measurable outcomes are the reason why companies such as HBF and Silver Chain choose Boundlss.


Engagement after 3 months

Activity after 3 months

Change in health outcomes

ROI: Cost decrease and revenue gain


3 : 1

Expected ROI


Boundlss measures engagement in multiple ways. Wearable programs have an average of 65% engagement after 12 months. Higher then most weight loss programs which have 20%-55% engagement after 12 month. Based on initial data, Boundlss expects to match or exceed 65% active engagement for wearable platforms after 12 months, and keep up to 90% of users either active or passively engaged. 




Boundlss measures change in behavior for steps, sleep, calorie intake, expenditure and more.

Initial analysis for our pilot programs show promising results. For a low activity group, we see that 47% of participants significantly increased their weekly steps, and an average overall increase of 200 steps per month for 4 months for all participants.

Health outcomes

Boundlss can be compared to similar 12-16 week health programs. These programs have measurable impact on weight loss (-2.5kg), lower fasting glucose levels (relevant for diabetes and pre-diabetes), and increases in overall fitness in 12 month follow up measurements. Boundlss is expecting to match or exceed the outcome of these programs. 



Financial outcomes and ROI

Unhealthy members and employees carry significant cost for insurers and organisations. Unhealthy employees result in higher injury rates, higher illness rates and lower productivity and creativity according to research. Digital wellness programs have an expected ROI of 3:1 according to research. We expect Boundlss to have a similar ROI, with similar health outcomes, for a fraction of the cost of traditional health and wellness programs. 

After participating in our programs, our participants report feeling fitter and happier.  

Sounds good?