AI-human health assistant.
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Health Programs

Engaging digital health programs for all your members.

Health Programs
grounded in health science.

We provide a range of programs that help members flourish and live a healthier life. Our programs are grounded in health science and behavioural psychology, and we continually work to achieve better health outcomes.

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Core Health & Wellbeing Program
The over-arching streams in the core-program are physical health and fitness, nutrition, sleep as well as resilience and positive psychology. The combination of these areas supports users to build healthier behaviours into their lives and encourages them to flourish. 

Chronic disease prevention programs
Our Health & Wellbeing team are developing specific preventative programs that can identify members at risk of conditions that critically affect quality of life and mortality, such as pre-diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and mental health difficulties like depression, anxiety and stress. 

Future Programs
We’re working on a range of other health and well-being programs including mediation, sleep and specific exercise programs.



Highly personalised coaching 

Our Health Programs are personalised, responsive and work for wherever your members are at. Our Platform connects to a range of wearables and health apps so members can share their data and receive personalised, behaviour based rewards and coaching. 

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Data Driven Programs
Using continuous real-time data enables Boundlss to prompt individuals at the appropriate time rather than simply hoping they remember the advice given to them by their face to face health and wellbeing professional. 

Delivered Daily in bite sized messages
Each of our programs is translated to a set of interactive daily messages and conversation, supported through our unique blended AI-human Health Assistant.

Continual Learning
Our Health Assistant continually learns to understand a members needs and likes and provides appropriate content at times which will best suits them. The more it is used, the better it becomes.

We use a strengths based approach to reduce the likelihood participants will struggle or suffer significant physical or mental health consequences when faced with adversity, as we all will at some point in life.



Radically cheap pricing for millions of members

Our AI assisted health programs can support millions of members at a fraction of the cost of traditional programs. Our subscription prices range from $1-10 per person per month.

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Year long support for less than a single face to face session
A single visit to a health or fitness professional can cost anywhere between $80-$250 per session. We help you provide preventative health programs, accessible, to any of your members, anywhere in the world, at any time, for a whole year, for less than the cost of a single visit to a health professional. 

Up and running in weeks, not months
Our AI-assisted programs scale to support millions of members with speed and ease. Our health programs and services can be customised and launched to your members within weeks not months. Need help with the technical side, we’ve got you covered.


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Programs that scale to millions of users for a fraction of the cost of traditional programs.

Experienced team of health professionals including program designers, nutrionists and trainers.

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Simple, engaging preventative programs available at the touch of a button.

Personalised, data driven and context-specific programs that respond to user behaviour.

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Curated, research backed health articles and insights on a range of topics.

Customise and publish your own health content and programs using our conversation engine. 



Build a healthy member base and reduce your claims costs.