Sense & Track

  • Connect Wearables, Apps & Sensors
    Connect your wearable, smartwatch, sensors, cloud applications and apps to collect your health, fitness and productivity data. Our platform boasts one of the most extensive and diverse marketplaces for wearable technologies - so you are free to choose what works best for you.
  • Data Types
    Sense and track biometric data, physical activity, communication patterns, productive activity and performance data. 

Visualisation & Analysis

  • Dashboard
    Simple intuitive dashboard of all your data, giving a clear and current overview of your health and wellbeing. 
  • Detailed Metrics
    Drill down into your data and compare metrics, in a range of visualisation formats, including time series, network graphs, scatter plots and maps.
  • Prediction
    Simple human behaviours like communication, movement and relationships are high predictors of performance.  Model these and you can predict revenue, health and behaviour. Our machine learning engine helps you predict the future with two clicks.

Recommendations & Reminders

  • Create and Publish Recommendations & Reminders
    Using IFTTT statements create data driven and context specific behaviour change recommendations, reminders and programs. Publish them to selected users or the entire community.
  • Automated Recommendation Engine
    Our intelligent recommendation engine provides simple, automated, personalised, context-specific recommendations to you at the right time and place.
  • Subscribe to Recommendations & Reminders
    Subscribe to the recommendations and programs thats suits you and your needs.
  • Rewards
    Provide rewards for yourself and others when you achieve a goal. Whether it's a simple message, points or a redeemable voucher.   
  • Pick Your Channel of Choice
    Recommendations, reminders and rewards are sent through your channel of choice - wearable, email, sms, in-app notification or smartwatch.

Community & Coaching

  • Share Data
    Share your data and celebrate your success with friends, family, colleagues and coaches. 
  • Teams, Organisations and Communities
    Create or join a private or public group to share data, feedback, encouragement and rewards.
  • Personal Coaching
    Need a little more help. Subscribe to the coach of your coach, share your data and get regular personal feedback, advice and encouragement over sms, email and in-app messaging.

Privacy & Security

  • Comprehensive Privacy Permissions
    You have complete control of what data Boundlss tracks and how and with who data is shared. Share weight but not steps, average heart rate but not hourly rates, amount of emails but not contacts. Our privacy settings allow you to decide exactly what they share and when right down to the finest detail. 
  • Robust Encryption & Security
    Boundlss uses robust security and data encryption technology, so your data is always safe. We use best practice for data transfer and storage including server-side encryption, data separation, and disconnection to ensure sensitive servers aren’t open to the internet.