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Better Coaching, Better Health

Use our Coaching, Wearables, and Our Smart Platform to Improve Fitness, Health & Wellbeing

Boundlss helps people their health & wellbeing. Using coaching in combination with data from wearables, sensors and mobiles our digital health platform provides recommendations, challenges, incentives and insights to help you live a healthier, happier and more productive life. 


Designed from the ground up to deliver benefits

A Digital Coaching Platform Designed for You

Boundlss is an easy to use, digital health platform, which blends human coaching with smart technology to deliver the ultimate coaching experience. Based on your goals and preferences, we connect you with the right coach. The coaching is blended with our automated recommendations, health insights, and team challenges for the perfect motivational cocktail. 




Selected Features

All the Features you Need - One Coherent Platform


Personal coaching,
get coaching via our messaging system. Share data with your coach and discuss your progress. 

Personalized health insights, we send computer generated recommendations regarding your health based on your data on the topics that are interesting to you.

Connect your device & share your data, Boundlss connects out of the box with over 150 wearable devices and apps. For example, Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit and many more.

Visualize data,  our custom graphs allow you to visualize all hour health data. Including the data of your teams or your organisation. See trends, or drill down on individual users.

Fine Grained Privacy & Security,
allows users to control which data is shared with whom. Meanwhile, we keep the data safe with the latest security.

Challenges, build challenges to get users engaged, challenges can be made for teams, and individuals. (Q1 2016)


Boundlss’ intelligent wellbeing insights have helped our employees become much more aware of their daily activity levels, from step counting to nutrition habits, even to the amount of time spent in deep sleep. We look forward to transitioning our pilot program to the wider organisation soon!
— Greg - Corporate Health & Wellbeing Co-ordinator - Silver Chain
Actually that was amazing (...) I was sold (...)
— Chris - After the first day of trial.

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