AI-powered health assistant.


The power of real-time data.

Collecting continuous real-time, biometric and behavioural data helps you identify, predict and manage member risks. Our platform boasts an extensive set of seamless integrations with consumer and clinical digital health technologies, from popular wearables, watches and health apps to the most innovative clinical devices and healthcare applications. Tracking member health data at scale over long periods of time provides an underwriting advantage, and allows you to build radically new relationships with your members. 


Connect with member health data

The digital health ecosystem is continuously expanding with new apps, devices and wearables everyday. Around a third of your members will use a health app, like Apple Health, and one in ten own a wearable, smartwatch or biosensor.  We connect with over 250 of the most popular wearables and health apps so your members can get rewarded for using the health tools they already love.



Track your members continuously with biosensor data rather than only when they lodge claims.  

Phone Sensors

Our platform connects with Apple Health and Google Fit, so you can track the majority of members that don’t have their own wearables.


Understand member sentiment, health & wellbeing by analysing conversation data.



Get to know your members, for real.