Data Driven Insights, Customised to Meet Your Needs

We create customised solutions that help organisations make sense of massive amounts of human interaction and performance data, so that people can understand and improve the community around them. Whether you want to map and analyse a high-tech cluster, track fund flows and investment networks, or understand the location and movement of people, we make complex data simple clear and actionable.

What We Do

Use Big Data to Understand Populations 

Using state of the art data collection methods we gather information from social networks, mobiles, wearables, surveys, client databases and human sources, to quantify relationships, movement and productivity across organisations, communities and entire populations.


Sense & Track
We use innovative digital data collection technologies, along with more traditional methods such as interviews and community workshops, to gather information from both public and private sources.  Our data sources include social networks, mobile and wearable sensors, cloud and private databases and individuals or community groups, to quantify the breadth and depth of communication, movement and productivity across entire populations.

Visualisation & Analysis 
Whether you want it on pixels or paper we crunch the numbers to create beautiful and informative network graphs, maps, charts, infographics and data visualisations. Our comprehensive robust data collection methods mean we always have the most comprehensive data to hand, while our experience in data visualisation and analysis means we convey complex information with both beauty and simplicity. 

Discovery & Insight
We use the latest data mining techniques combined with intelligent human analysis to discover trends, highlight patterns, predict future events and produce powerful insights that you can act on. What ever you’re looking for we can help you identify and understand the critical connectors, vibrant hubs and collaborative clusters within your community, as well as the future scale and needs of economic ecosystems.

Case Studies

Ecosystem Analysis, Fund Flows & Director Networks

Our consulting work includes the analysis of technology ecosystems, identification of investment networks, analysis of director networks and creation of infographics, digital maps and detailed reports - both interactive and in print. Our consulting clients include government departments, economic development officers and universities. 

Network Analysis

Sense, Map and Analyse Human Networks

Using our network analysis tools we can help you understand how knowledge flows through an organisation or community, map communication and relationship networks, or track the flow of funds through an ecosystem. Using statistical analysis we identify key people, collaboration hubs, and any factors that are crucial to the growth of the community or group you are interested in.

Data Collection & Integrations

Connect & Understand Your Data Better

Where ever or what ever data you are interested in understanding we work with you to design and deliver innovative cost effective data acquisition strategies. Whether the target data sits in public social networks or private databases, cloud platforms or smartphones, individual wearables or company email applications, we work with you to collect data in the most effective way. Our data collection methods include online public website scrapers, custom database access, interviews, community workshops, surveys, online research, crowd sourced research and analysis, and automated sentiment analysis.    

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