Communication Analysis

Sense, Track & Analyse Communication Flows

Use email, mobile or wearable communication data to analyse and better understand communication patterns. Our platform helps you understand how knowledge flows through an organisation or population; identify key people; spot collaboration hubs, and any communication gaps that are crucial to the growth of your organisation or population.

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Continuous Realtime Insight & Analysis

Track your client population continuously rather than only at reviews, coaching sessions or one off engagements. Boundlss gives you a continuous insight into your client and allows you to set alerts for specific activities that need your attention. 

Predict Performance

Communication is an incredibly high predictor of performance. Using communication metadata from emails, calls, social networks or face to face interaction, and machine learning, Boundlss allows you to easily predict performance outcomes using communication data.  

Speech & Proximity

Everyone knows that face to face interaction is extremely important to the functioning of teams, however tracking speech and team dynamics has traditionally been very difficult if not impossible. However we have developed an innovative speech and proximity sensor to sense team interaction. Our analytics engine identifies speakers and listeners, analyses engagement and the quality of communication, without ever capturing the content of conversations. 


Privacy & Security

Your Privacy & Security is Paramount

We know privacy and security are critical to you and your employees.
Boundlss takes every precaution to make sure sensitive information stays that way. Our platform uses robust security and encryption measures, along with comprehensive privacy permissions. 


Comprehensive Privacy
Boundlss is designed to put privacy first. Our privacy settings allow you and your employees to decide exactly what communication data they share and when. Importantly, we don’t track the content of conversations, calls or emails, only who communicates with whom, for how long, the sentiment of emails and the tonality of voice (metadata). You, your colleagues and our team will never know what was said during a conversation. 


Encryption & Best Practice Security
Data security is essential. Boundlss uses robust security and data encryption technology, so you and your employees are always safe. Our permission levels provide fine-grained control over who and how information is accessed. We also use best practice for data transfer and storage including server-side encryption, data separation, and disconnection to ensure sensitive servers aren’t open to the internet.

Individual, Team & Population Analysis

Understand How Groups Communicate

Whether you are interested in analysing individual, team, organisation or community level communication patterns we can help. Our platform can help you understand how knowledge flows through a system, how people collaborate, with who, and which clusters or individual hubs bring a community or organisation together.

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