Discovery & Insight

Intelligent Insights & Recommendations

Drawing on data from wearables, mobiles and productivity tools, we analyse and visualise communication, movement and productivity patterns, to understand how your team’s behaviours lead to success. You and your colleagues can then recommend behaviour changes for yourself, your team or across your whole company to improve performance.


Sense, Track & Analyse

Analyse What Matters Most

Simple human behaviours such as face to face interaction, physical movement, relationship network and email patterns are high predictors of team success. Understand these and you can predict and improve wellbeing, sales, productivity and performance. We analyse and visualise communication, location, movement and physical activity patterns so you can see: how knowledge flows through your company; identify key people; collaboration hubs and any gaps that are crucial to the growth of your company.

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Communication Analysis

Sense, Track and Analyse Communication

Connect email, communication platforms or use state of the art wearables to analyse and better understand the communication patterns within your company. Our platform helps you understand how knowledge flows through an organisation; identify key people; spot collaboration hubs, and any communication gaps that are crucial to the growth of your company.
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Wearables, Sensors & Apps

Understand Your Team’s Wellbeing

Healthy people are more productive, innovative and engaged. Boundlss helps you understand and improve the health of your entire workforce at a fraction of the cost of traditional corporate wellness programs.  Whether your staff bring their own smartwatch, wearable or fitness app, Boundlss connects you to the entire ecosystem of health & fitness apps and wearables, so you can easily reward and encourage your staff for achieving individual and group health goals.

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Connect All Your Business Systems

What ever communication applications, productivity tools, cloud platforms or custom data sources you use Boundlss provides secure continuous data integration with your existing sources, and can be setup in minutes.


Wearables, Sensors & App Integration

Connect with the Entire World of Wearables

The number of wearables, smartwatches biosensors, and environmental sensors is continuously expending.  Our platform boasts one of the most extensive and diverse marketplaces for wearable devices and sensors. So you and your staff are free to choose what works best for your needs.



Triggers, Recommendations & Notifications

Create Data Driven Recommendations

Use 'if this then that' statements to create recommendations, alerts and notifications triggered by events within your client, team or personal data. For example "If my total # steps taken today is below 5000. Then recommend that I have walking meetings tomorrow to reach my step goal and improve productivity." The first part (a metric above, below or equal to a specific number) is the trigger. The second part (having walking meetings) is the recommendation. The third part (to hit your goal and improve productivity) is the why.

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Privacy & Security

Control What You Share

We provide fine grained permissions, so you can limit the information people have access to and how it can be viewed and shared. Our privacy settings allow you to anonymise and aggregate data, set time and location limits and if you are concerned about putting sensitive performance metrics on our platform, we can remove quantifiers and just keep the patterns. Additionally, we don’t store the content of communication, only the metadata. We know data is critical to you and your business, so our highest priority is on maintaining the security of your data. Your data is encrypted during storage and transmission.


Coaches & Consultants

Personalised Consulting at Your Fingertips

Need a second pair of eyes. We have a pool of consulting partners that you can share your data with and ask for more detailed analysis and recommendations. Whether you need consulting advice to improve staff efficiency or coaching for your executive team, our platform helps you easily deploy personalised consulting advice across your staff at the right time and place.

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