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Take a run at your local park

Run around the local park after work tomorrow to stay motivated and increase your productivity.

There may be no better way to keep our minds sharp than regular physical activity. Research shows that regular exercise not only improves a person’s mood and lowers stress levels, but also plays a major role in performance, relationships and concentration -- all key to a successful workplace.

People who exercise regularly are more productive on the job and feel better prepared to handle their workloads, including research published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management. J. Coulson, a research associate at the Department of Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences at Leeds Metropolitan University and lead author on the report, says, “Workers performed significantly better on exercise days and across all three areas we measured known as mental-interpersonal, output and time demands.”

So is it those endorphins from exercise that make people happier, more focused and ready to take on the day? They sure help, but what really comes to the rescue is the extra blood your brain’s getting, in turn creating a higher level of concentration and productivity.

As little as 12 weeks of regular exercise can double the amount of blood going to the regions of your brain responsible for cognitive function, slowing brain decay and refining existing brain cells to improve things like multitasking, decision making, and analytical thinking, according to a study published in the Journal of Comparative Neurology.