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South East Queensland Startup Ecosystem Report - Press Release

A new report on Queensland’s startup sector by big data startup Boundlss, estimates the economic impact of disruptive technology on Australia’s Sunshine State in 2025 could be over $96 billion - roughly 24% of the state's future economy. To prevent international tech giants from capturing this value 1000s of new startups need to be formed and $2 billion to $5 billion in funding needs to flow into the sector over the next ten years. Substantial increases from the current yearly formation rates in the tens of startups and funding rates in the tens of millions.

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Startup Nation Infographic

Australia might not be top of mind as a hot spot for digital innovation but with Aussie companies like KaggleAtlassian and 99Dresses making a dent in the digital universe it’s only a matter of time before Australia is as well known for digital startups as it is for swimmers and world class rugby teams. To shine some light on the Australian startup ecosystem we just released the Startup Nation map, the first interactive map of digital startups down under:

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Startup Nation: Community vs. Success in Australian tech startups

There’s a lot of buzz right now about entrepreneurship, innovation and the startup ecosystem with reports out of the US from Startup Genome (a listing site for angels, VCs and startups by US tech clusters) and Startup Compass (great website with superb research on the factors influencing startup success, also have a great tool for benchmarking your startup – confusingly called the Startup Genome report but with no relation to above), and we’re loving it.

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