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Sensors, Big Data and the Quantified Self

The team behind Floq raises an angel round and launches Boundlss, a behaviour analytics platform for optimising human performance.

We think a perfect storm is brewing that will have as big an impact on our lives as the internet, bringing together five key technologies; mobiles, social media, big data, sensors, and location-based services.  The 3.3B smartphones and 500m wearables projected to be in people’s pockets and on their wrists by 2018, together with the explosion in sensors allow unprecedented real world behaviour tracking.

While most companies are using these technologies to optimize consumer experiences, we see a huge untapped opportunity to use the growing data on human behaviour to optimize professional performance.

Our vision is to help creative, entrepreneurial people be more successful. To do this we’re building a behavior analytics platform that spots the key patterns of insanely great teams and provides personalized recommendations to help people succeed.

We’re working on a behavior analytics platform that everyone can use to get personalized, predictive, recommendations in real-time. We’re taking a data driven approach to professional development, building a prediction and recommendation platform that draws on mobile data (location, movement, communication), social network data, and wearable self tracking technologies (like Basis’ watch and Google’s Glass), to provide powerful performance insights.

Common Solutions
Every owner, entrepreneur, manager and employee on the planet wants to improve their productivity, and they spend around $550 billion on consultants, courses, business books and software to improve their teams and companies. However consultants are expensive, books are dead the moment they’re printed, and most software is focused on lag indicators like sales, rather than lead ones such as team behaviors.

Our research and the latest studies by MIT amongst others, shows that simple human behaviours such as the time teams spend in face to face communication, close proximity to each other, movement, and the team’s social graph are incredibly high predictors of entrepreneurial success. Track and model these and you can predict who will win business competitions, who will make a sale and how well a team’s marketing campaigns will go.

Where We Are At
In April we raised an angel round from an Australian and UK investor. The funding will allow us to run some research and pilot studies over the next 10 months. In May Mike attended the Advance Innovation Program in San Francisco, along with 25 of Australia’s most innovative early stage technology startups. Since then we’ve been working on a couple of innovative things to track, model and predict performance, which we’ll let you know about in the not too distant future. We’re also about to release some research looking at the behaviour patterns associated with entrepreneurial success.

Our team has worked together for over a year now, and has experience building: robots, biomedical devices, health trackers, mobile recommendation apps and in leadership development. Last year we built a survey app - Floq - together which now has over two and half thousand users onboard. One of our team helped found and build a leadership development firm with several million in revenue, another a prototype laser scanning vehicle, and another is fairly experienced in chemical weapons. You can check everyone out on our team page.

Test Pilots
We’re now looking for around ten organisations to run research trials with over the next year. We’ll track the behaviour of your team/s using wearable and mobile sensors, compare these behaviours against performance metrics, and provide visualisations and analysis of the key behaviours within your organisation that lead to insanely great teams. It’s on a first in best dressed basis, so if you want to help create the future of work and are interested in optimising performance, get in touch.

We’d Love to Chat
We’re looking for the best test pilots, engineers, advisors and data scientists on the planet. Get in touch if you’re interested in working with us.



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