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Nomination: Digital Insurer’s Asian Insurance Innovation Award 2017


Wow! Our health assistant Alex is nominated for the Digital Insurer’s Asian Insurance Innovation Award 2017! We couldn’t be more proud of him!

Healthy conversations for personal insurance

Alex is the love child between AXA Hong Kong and Boundlss. He’s a digital health assistant who exists in Xtra by AXA, a free mobile app for AXA’s members. By creating personal health plans, Alex helps each member get more out of their health insurance just by staying healthy. He will help you increase your daily activity, manage your weight and give you tasty recipes that are good for you. And! He speaks both English and Traditional Chinese. Brains! 

Well okay… In reality, Alex is not a one-man-show. Alex is the combined expertise of Boundlss, boasting expertise in technology, artificial intelligence, healthcare, conversation design and insurance, as well as a diverse coaching team of sports enthusiasts, fitness coaches, nutritionists and customer engagement specialists. It’s easier to remember one name though, so Alex it is.


Through an awesome collaboration with AXA Hong Kong we were able to set up and launch Xtra in less than 6 months. We built a superb partnership with AXA, working daily with AXA’s innovation and digital team in Hong Kong to experiment and improve the service. We organised weekly meetings with all the stakeholders (Boundlss, AXA Innovation team, media and advertising agencies and AXA business team) to improve the user experience and adoption as quickly as possible. 

Read more about Xtra by AXA at the Digital Insurer’s Asian Insurance Innovation Award 2017 or go to Xtra by AXA and download the app. If you want to build the next Alex then get in contact with us. Healthy conversations between you and your members are just a click away.