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Hiring: Lead Mobile Software Engineer

We’re looking for a lead mobile software engineer to design and develop our mobile app from scratch and then take ownership of the app. Ideally you’d have strong technical problem solving skills, excellent communication skills, Android & IOS experience, and experience using the phones sensors (accelerometer, GPS, etc). We’re building a behaviour analytics platform that draws on mobile data (location, movement, comms), wearable data (like Basis’ watch and Glass), and social network data to spot the key patterns of insanely great teams and provide insights to help people be more awesome. That’s where you come in, we need you to help us collect real world behavioural data via the mobile.

You’ll be well compensated for helping our company grow, with money, equity opportunities and the pleasure of working with a cool startup on a great project.

We’d love someone with a BSc in Computer Science (or something similar) and some great experience, however if you’re a genius who dropped out to do something cooler we’d love to chat. Ideally you would have:

  • BSc/Masters in Computer Science or a related field.
  • Experience building cross-platform mobile apps.
  • Experience integrating with third-party services and APIs (Facebook/Twitter/Foursquare,etc).
  • Experience with the phone’s sensors (accelerometer, GPS, audio, etc).
  • Experience tracking and mapping movement data.
  • Experience shipping apps in the App Store or Google Play.
  • Passion for great design and building simple, beautiful user experiences.

This is a part-time/contract position for specific prototypes we need developed, with the potential to move to fulltime. Our office is located in Sync Labs co-working space, Leederville, Perth Australia.

How to Apply
If you think you’re the right person, send us an email [Jonah at floqapp dot com] and tell us whatever you think we should know. Include: cv, linkedin and github profile, and links to things you’ve done.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.