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3 Simple Tips for Eating Out


Yesterday we had a team lunch out. As always it was hard to stay away from the good stuff. I tell you this now, our AI Health Assistant wasn't very happy with us. But oh, fried stuff is yummy. So are sauces.

Sometimes you're allowed a treat, we felt we were yesterday, but I we were to follow our AI Health Assistant's advice, this is what we would think of:

Preparation is key

Ask how the meal will be prepared. If possible, stay away from meals which are fried or deep fried. Frying uses lots of oil in the cooking process which means the food tends to contain higher calories and often has lower nutritional value. Foods which are broiled, poached, baked or grilled tend to be cooked with less oil, and thus have fewer calories for the same ‘portion’ of food and tend to be healthier. 

Pick your ingredients

If possible, try to choose dishes made with whole grains, healthy oils, vegetables, and lean proteins. That may mean skipping a burger and instead of having a wholemeal wrap or salad, or it may mean choosing a chicken breast instead of pork belly. Whenever possible try to ensure that at least half of your meals contain vegetables or salads to keep up your macronutrient and fiber intake.

Beware of sauces!  

Sauces can be delicious but they can hide calories. Many sauces are calorie rich and can nearly double the calorie intake of a food. If you are choosing sauces try to pick ones which are vinaigrette bases as they will tend to be lower in calories than gravies and creamy sauces. 

Happy Eating!

Carl-Johan Malmsten