Our mission is to help millions of people be healthy and happy.
We help insurers & corporations attract, encourage & reward healthy members and staff, with sensors, apps & experts.


Experience in health, coaching, ai, design and technology. We’ve built biomedical devices, calorie trackers, hospital integrations, mobile apps, speech analysis algorithms, laser scanning cars, music apps and robots.

Now, we are building Boundlss. 

Mike Kruger
Teaching meditation and wellness for 15 years. Sold prev tech co. AI experience. 20 years experience in software. 

 Jonah Cacioppe
Teaching meditation and wellness for 15 years. Co-founded coaching firm, grew to $2.5m. 15 years design experience.

Jeroen van Dalen
Lifestyle coaching for 5 years. Co-founded health tech co, grew to $800K, providing software to hospitals. 

Chris Cacioppe
Palantir. Xero. Music app Discovr. 15 years design experience.

Brinley Ang
Amazon. 15 years software & mobile dev exp, 2yrs exp chemical weapons.

Jasmin Walker
Marketing and Online marketing. Health Coaching. 

Health & Wellness team

Details coming soon!

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